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limited time offer!

Our Virtual Training goes beyond just working out in your living room or garage and now due to the health crisis we are giving more than 60% OFF to both current and all new members, and now at NO EXTRA COSTS, you have the ability to workout from home and also continue to join us for our small group sessions in person with a Certified Personal Trainer.

Register today and we will send you your daily workout and guide you through it, acknowledge you daily for completing each workout, hype your up to your peers and friends, and motivate you daily to keep striving for greatness. The 3 sets of 10 days are a thing of the past.


This deal is a far cry to the usual 3-5 workouts per week that we have been known for and you know what that means for your physique. Yes that means get ready for faster results, if you can do both the virtual session and then meet us in the bootcamp field on the same day for an even more robust action packed workout and experience the team camaraderie, support, and motivation we are known for both online and in person.

How it Works:

The virtual workouts will be sent to you directly the night before and you can do the workouts at a time the following day that is most convenient for you and you can also do them anywhere you are (at home, in a nearby park, in your office, in your local gym, outside in your back or front lawn, hotel room, literally anywhere, etc). Best of all (no WiFi, dvds, laptops, large monitors, TVs, or any of that is needed). Just have your cell phone and be able to accept a text or WhatsApp message and that’s it.

We have beginner/intermediate/advanced options and alternate exercises for those that need it due to injury or other issue. Plus access to your very own personal trainer from 8am - 10pm 7 days a week and responses typically are returned immediately or 3 hours max (due to me being in session).

Here are what Operation Triple T Fitness Virtual 1-1 Training offers which includes all of the perks of being a Bootcamp member included below:

  • 3 Resistance Training/HIIT Fitness Sessions a week

  • 3 Cardio Sessions a week

  • Brand new workout for every session 

  • Personal Trainer from 8am - 10pm 7 days a week

  • Custom workout tailoring to member time frame, whether you have equipment or none available, and utilize the days of the week that are most convenient for you. 

  • Access to all other Operation Triple T member perks including:

  • We also have our Certified Stretch and Massage professional that you can rsvp to come to you or you go to them.

  • Access to our Registered Dietician & Expert Nutritionist including private group page to ask general nutrition/health questions

  • Quarterly events, get togethers, sporting events, & member outings. 

  • Tons of Social Media positive recognition 

  • Team Community Chat Rooms for extra motivation and being a part of a great team.

  • Access to our Run/Walk Clubs (weekly team runs at multiple locations once a week plus & multiple Run Coaches to help you get moving)

  • Transformation Analyst to Track your progress every quarter so that you can determine if you are headed in the right direction or begin to make small adjustments as needed every 3 months.


If you are consistent you can expect to see your first real transformation within 1-3 months. Plus our Virtual members love the new concept of having their own personal trainers on speed dial/text whenever they have questions or want to share with them the great progress they have been achieving.

Once Health scare is over we resume to regular rates for bootcamp and virtual training so you certainly want to sign up now so that you are grandfathered in as that can be as early as next week we are unsure.

Currently Due to the health scare we are discounting our normal pricing for virtual training package more than 60% to the normal group fitness rates and this gives you the opportunity to the best of both worlds now (see both the discounted rates below and see the regular rates for this same virtual training service once this health scare is over, so you definitely want to act now). You can elect to pay monthly or all up front for a 10% discount. Because we give you the option to pay monthly here you must complete the full term payments before requesting to cancel. No suspensions or cancellations for any reason until payment term obligation has been met.

Pricing & Membership Options & Terms (once health scare is over)


 - Virtual Training Only (must pay for full amount of membership package up front).

  • Month to month $50 per month ($50)

  • 3 Month program $40 per month ($120)

  • 6 Month program $35 per month ($210)

  • 12 Month program $30 per month ($360)

 - Virtual Training plus Access to Group Fitness Bootcamp Program (once health scare is over) in all 3 locations in SW Miami Dade 

148+ sessions per month. You can elect to pay monthly or all up front for a 10% discount.

  • Month to month program $130 per month

  • 3 Month Program $110 per month

  • 6 Month Program $100 per month

  • 12 Month Program $90 per month

- Bootcamp only (does not include virtual) once health scare is over:

  • Month to month program $80 per month

  • 3 Month Program $70per month

  • 6 Month Program $65 per month

  • 12 Month Program $60 per month

7% Fl tax is added to all membership rates.