virtual bootcamp

The BEST Workout At-Home Program.

Turn your body into a muscle building, fat burning machine without ever stepping foot into a gym.

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  • 5+ Brand New Workouts Every Week

  • Modified or Alternate Exercises Available

  • Live Zoom Group Team Training

  • High-Intensity Interval Training

  • Resistance Training

  • Steady State Cardio

  • Core & Ab Workouts

Here are what Operation Triple T

Fitness Virtual Training offers:

  • Resistance Training/HIIT Fitness Sessions

  • Cardio Sessions

  • Brand new workout for every session 

  • Personal Trainer & Run Coach Q & A from 8am - 10pm 7 days a week

  • Custom workout tailoring to member time frame, whether you have equipment or none available, and utilize the days of the week that are most convenient for you (99% of all Virtual workouts can be done with minimum of a pair of dumbbells).

  • Access to all other Operation Triple T member perks including:

  • We also have our Certified Stretch and Massage professional that you can rsvp to come to you or you go to them.

  • Access to our Registered Dietician & Expert Nutritionist including private group page to ask general nutrition/health questions

  • Quarterly events, get togethers, sporting events, & member outings. 

  • Tons of Social Media positive recognition 

  • Team Community Chat Rooms for extra motivation and being a part of a great team.

  • Access to our Run/Walk Clubs (weekly team runs at multiple locations once a week plus & multiple Run Coaches to help you get moving)

  • Transformation Analyst to Track your progress every quarter so that you can determine if you are headed in the right direction or begin to make small adjustments as needed every 3 months.


If you are consistent you can expect to see your first real transformation within 1-3 months. Plus our Virtual members love the new concept of having their own personal trainers on speed dial/text whenever they have questions or want to share with them the great progress they have been achieving.

virtual bootcamp PACKAGES




$50 per month

(less than $2.50 per session)




$40 per month

(less than $2.00 per session)




$35 per month

(less than $1.75 per session)




$30 per month

(less than $1.50 per session)

All payments must be on a monthly recuring payment plan. All payments are subject to standard Florida Tax of 7%.

limited time offer!


Register today and we will send you your daily workout and guide you through it, acknowledge you daily for completing each workout, hype your up to your peers and friends, and motivate you daily to keep striving for greatness. The 3 sets of 10 days are a thing of the past.


This deal is a far cry to the usual 3-5 workouts per week that we have been known for and you know what that means for your physique. Yes that means get ready for faster results, if you can do both the virtual session and then meet us in the bootcamp field on the same day for an even more robust action packed workout and experience the team camaraderie, support, and motivation we are known for both online and in person.

How it Works:

The virtual workouts will be sent to you directly the night before and you can do the workouts at a time the following day that is most convenient for you and you can also do them anywhere you are (at home, in a nearby park, in your office, in your local gym, outside in your back or front lawn, hotel room, literally anywhere, etc). Best of all (no WiFi, dvds, laptops, large monitors, TVs, or any of that is needed). Just have your cell phone and be able to accept a text or WhatsApp message and that’s it.

We have beginner/intermediate/advanced options and alternate exercises for those that need it due to injury or other issue. Plus access to your very own personal trainer from 8am - 10pm 7 days a week and responses typically are returned immediately or 3 hours max (due to me being in session).

Do You know that you can be part of the TTT community completely FREE of charge! 


Don't miss this opportunity, JOIN NOW our private TTT Run / Bike Club.

TTT Run/bike club


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  • Sessions Led by Certified Trainer or Experienced Run Coach

  • Weekly Team Runs/Sessions

  • Access to Stretch Pro

  • Daily Motivation & Accountability from Coaches & Peers

  • Social Media Positive Recognition

  • Team Chat Rooms

  • Access to 1st Saturday Bootcamp Sessions

  • Invites to FREE Virtual/Field Bootcamp Sessions

  • Invites to ALL Team Runs & TTT Events

  • Invite to 1st Friday Happy Hour Run

  • Physical Therapist Referral for Nagging Injuries

get in the best shape of your life

The BEST outdoor Fitness Program in South FL!

Operation Triple T will help you reach your fitness and health goals.

Receive ALL the benefits from the Run/Bike Club & the Virtual Program PLUS access to....





  • Unlimited Access to Over 150+ Field & Virtual Sessions Each Month

  • All Weights & Equipment Provided

  • Sending In Person Workouts to You After Each Session

  • Mornings, Late Afternoon & Early Evenings Sessions

  • In Person Group Sessions Monday - Friday

  • Transformation Specialist Tracker

  • Access to Private Team Nutrition Facebook Group

  • Access to Field Team Group Training

  • More Robust Resistance Training & New Age Fitness Equipment






ALL ACCESS packages




$80 per month

(less than $6.00 per session)




$70 per month

(less than $4.67 per session)




$65 per month

(less than $4.33 per session)




$60 per month

(less than $4.00 per session)

All payments must be on a monthly recuring payment plan. All payments are subject to standard Florida Tax of 7%.

Don't wait until Monday....

The BEST day to start is TODAY

Before you sign up please READ Terms and Conditions policy below and we ask that before choosing your preferred monthly membership package that you can be sure to fulfill the full financial obligation and term commitments.

Terms and Conditions

  • All packages are subject a recurring payments and auto-renew until member requests to cancel. Your account will continue to be active and debited monthly for the same rate unless you request to cancel with the Owner of Operation Triple T or billing team 3 days before the scheduled due/billing date by emailing billing@operationttt.com with request to cancel in the subject line. 

  • Before cancelling, members must pay for the complete package option that they initially selected and no early cancellations allowed for any reason.  Absolutely no refunds for requesting to cancel after this 3 day minimum requirement or after the payment has already been deducted.     

  • Member must not for any reason attempt to cancel their own membership with PayPal and instead request to cancel from the owner of Operation Triple T or be subject to automatic debit of the remaining monthly dues owed including any fees associated to make collection efforts owed.

  • Unfortunately, we do not offer any session by session memberships

  • No Cash or Check Payments will be accepted.

  • All payments must be on an automatic debit monthly payment plan.

  • All payments are subject to standard Florida Tax of 7%.

  • Members are responsible for remembering their anniversary start date which is the same as their monthly payment date.  Should you forget, feel free to reach out to our office via billing@operationttt.com to request this date.

  • If electing the month to month or any other package option and wish to cancel, you must contact our office via e-mail at billing@operationttt.com or text or email the Owner 786-413-5235 at least 3 days before your scheduled payment date to avoid being charged. If your payment has already been debited from your account they're no refunds. However, we can then cancel or change your package rate for an alternate package going forward.  No refunds for months already prepaid for.

  • Members that miss the cancellation deadline will not be refunded but are able to attend for the remaining days of the month that was paid for even after canceling.

  • Members that select & complete the 3, 6, or 12 month packages; their accounts will remain active and continue to be debited on a month to month basis at the same package rate & term that was last signed up for until member requests to cancel and as always it must be done at least 3 days before the scheduled payment due date & term ending date.

  • Returning members with a previous unpaid balances will first need to meet any preceding obligations up front in addition to paying the requested package in full and be approved by the head of billing to become a member again.

  • At any time, members are permitted to change to a longer term package, paying less per month, however the new package term will reset to month one on the date the new package is placed. 

  • If member signs up or receives any type of discounted or promotional offering they will lose this promotional offering should they attempt to later change to an alternate package option or suspend or cancel their membership for any reason and attempt to return following pausing or canceling their membership (please discuss with Owner before suspending or cancelling your account).

  • We do not offer any payment suspensions of accounts for reasons such as vacations or the like.

  • Members electing to pay the 3, 6, or 12 month packages in full up front to receive the 10% discount must remember their start date as upon their 3, 6, or 12 month package anniversary date as your accounts on your anniversary date will be auto debited in full with original discounts offered for like rates, terms, and timelines as the original 3, 6, or 12 month package option you selected.

  • Member must not cancel their own accounts or will be subject to payment in full of remaining balance right away.  Tip: If you are someone who has a schedule that changes frequently or financial fluctuations due to seasons preventing you from making any of the session times offered or fulfilling monthly payments, or if it is likely that you will move to a location that may be too far to commute to one of our fitness locations; it is recommended that you choose the month to month package so that you can cancel at any time and avoid being locked into a longer termed package rate because they're no cancellation options for such occurrences or for any reason.  Bottom line, Please make sure that the monthly package that you chose is one that you can commit to in its entirety.           

  • Only if approved by Owner members can request to suspend their accounts for a maximum of 30 days but approvals are based on serious life altering circumstances and simply not being unable to attend for everyday life occurrences is not typically accepted as a valid reason.