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For Any businesses or individuals who are willing and have anything to donate to our company, we more than appreciate your generosity.  We can use these donations which allow for us to offer our members unique prizes and rewards for our end of the month celebration recognition outings. We can also use certain items to ensure the best and most effective equipment is used for our members.

We accept any of the following donations especially those relating to fitness & health and wellness.
i.e. fitness equipment, gift cards, cash, complimentary memberships, collegiate or professional sporting events tickets, trips, cruises, specialty events, refreshments, etc, etc.


For any businesses or individuals that would like to sponsor our end of the month events or other scheduled events, we would love for you to come in person to be apart of the fun.  This could include helping us raffle off many of the awards and prizes that are won by our members, participate in our yearly end of the year celebration, or throw on a t-shirt at a walk/run/bike for a cause event.  Special recognition will always be given to our sponsors in the form of announcements either in person, via email, banners when applicable, and other marketing outreach efforts to thank you for your support.  We'll also keep your logo on this page for up to a year as either a current sponsor or previous sponsor to show our gratitude.

Sponsorships could be in the form of any of the following:
cash or check donations, sponsoring of any portion or all food & beverage during planned outings, walk, bike, or run for a cause event, etc.  

Please if you are ever in doubt as to whether or not your donation or sponsorship is needed, please don't hesitate to contact us immediately. or call  or text us at 786-413-5235  

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