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- Where do we go in the event of foul weather?

In the event of foul weather in the middle of a session in the past we would continue under the park sheltered areas, however now due to Covid-19 6ft or 10ft separation guidelines we will suspend sessions and continue the work out virtually.  Should we be made aware of foul weather prior to the session start we will notify all members to join us either via zoom or to complete the scheduled workout of the day on your own at home or at a location that works best for you i.e. home gym or local gym.

- How do I sign up & pay?

Signing up can be done by:

  • Clicking on the Packages/Rates tab and click the Buy Now / Subscribe button.  Most all major credit cards are accepted

- Can I pay per session?

Memberships are only accepted via registration online.  Please choose from one of 8 package options available found in the "Plans" section of our website (Month to Month, 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month).  However, please contact us by calling or emailing us directly if you have any questions.

- Do you allow kids, pre-teens, teenagers?

Yes, we accept kids 10 and over to work out.  Parents always call if you have a child on the cusp of the age groups or if they have special needs or circumstances.  We will always give you our honest and professional advice for what we offer and what your child can expect.  Children must be signed in by a consenting adult along with all of the registration packet information.  All children will be grouped based on ability and fitness level.  Exercises will be age appropriate, unique, and always full of fun recognition.  

- Can I bring my personal items with me?

To reduce the risk of lost or stolen items, we ask that you leave all valuable and personal items at home and avoid bringing them with you.  Also please avoid leaving valuables in your vehicles as Miami Dade County Parks & Palmetto Bay Parks & Recreation Department nor Operation Triple T, LLC or any of its staff can or will be held liable for such lost or stolen items.  Thank you for understanding.

- What equipment, items, materials, should I bring to your fitness sessions? 

Please see the "ITEMS TO BRING" tab on our website. The Basics are Water and your own Mat and due to Covid-19 we recommend bringing your own pair of dumbbells if you have them.

- What kinds of Nutritional Guidance is provided?

We have a licensed and experienced Nutritionist on our Professional team to walk you through every step of your nutritional transformation to living a healthier lifestyle from a nutrition stand point.

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