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Water Container (the larger the better)
FYI, there is a water fountain nearby for refills but far enough away that it may delay your workout routine and others in a group format.
  Ample water supply and consumption is suggested before, during, and after each workout session to prevent cramps and dehydration.

Personal aerobics mat/yoga mat, etc.
(nothing too expensive needed, typically these can be found for under $10 in your local department stores)

WorkOut Gloves / Gardening Gloves (optional)
I've found a $3 pair of Home Depot gardening gloves to be ideal for the sessions as standard workout gloves won't protect your nails in the outdoor grass/dirt environment plus the fully covered gloves can also double as mittens on cold weather days.  Also sturdy enough for our pull up and dip bars as  you can avoid forming calluses on the palm of your hands.  They may not look pretty but just trust me it works.


Due to Covid-19 Safety Recommendations, all members are welcome and recommended to bring their own dumbbells & mats.

All other workout material and equipment will be provided for you.  Please try to leave all personal or valuable items at home as they will not be needed during your workout session i.e. cell phones, purses, jewelry, etc.

Operation Triple T, LLC & or Deerwood Bonita Lakes Park, Tropical Park, or Coral Reef Park is not responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen items.

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